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Chart Maker

Chart Maker is a powerful graphing tool for the iPad. This App can allow you to instantly Visualize your data both in Portrait & Full Screen view. With this App you can quickly create graphs and use them instantly in your other iPad, Mac or PC projects.

With this App you can create a chart and copy or share it instantly by email allowing you to move your Charts from your iPad to a Mac or PC or to other iPad Apps.

This app has over 10 different types of Compelling Charts.


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Our experienced developers are well versed in the many intricacies of creating robust applications for both iOS and the Android platform. Below are few of the apps that we've developed.

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Hourly Projects

This plan allows you to pay only for the hours it takes to develop your App. No hidden costs

Flat Rate Projects

This is a fixed rate model where you pay a fixed amount of money for your project. No hidden costs

Contract Basis

This plan is ideal for those project that require constant updates. No hidden costs

Web Integration

We can make your iPhone/iPad or Android App work seamlessly with your website. We can integrate some of the core functionalities of your website to your mobile app so that your customers can be able to interact fully with your website, thus increasing your company sales and profitability.

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We are a multi-platform App Development Company based in Grand Rapids Michigan, U.S with over 2 years experience developing enterprise mobile applications. We understand how businesses processes work and how to seamlessly integrate the mobile applications into enterprise processes to give your company a competitive edge.

Our Mobile App Development service extends to the major mobile platforms including iPad, iPhone,iPad and Android.When choosing IWTech Mobile for your mobile app development needs, you can be sure that you will receive high quality applications to complement your goals.
Our experienced of iOS and Android Developers are capable of using most advanced technologies for any iPhone,iPad or Android mobile platform ensuring that your custom-built Apps have maximum reliability and performance.

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